Hello, I'm Hazel Caballero-Scott, a Pinay working mom to four kids: two boys and two girls; ages 9 months, 4, 10 and 12 years. I'm from Leyte, my husband is from Liverpool, and we are bringing up the rowdy bunch in our adopted hometown of beautiful Cebu City, Philippines.

This blog started in 2008, when I found myself running my own household for the first time, and I realized I had no clue  what I was doing. A website editor at that time, I turned to the Internet for answers but I didn't find many websites that were useful to a Filipina mom living in the province. What I especially found frustrating were all the kiddie recipes listing ingredients I've not ever seen in our local market and grocery.

PinayWorkingMom served as my online journal as I tried to find solutions to my challenges. Cooking and food photography are my hobbies, so I mostly wrote about feeding kids. In 2014, we gave the site a facelift and I retired my old posts, but a lot about the website remains the same. Here you will find our family recipes, craft projects, and stories from my everyday as a working mom, wife, and homemaker of this transplanted and mixed-culture household.

In my Recipes section, you'll find the stuff that I cook for my family. I won't parade this as a health blog, but we mostly make our meals from scratch, so most of my recipes are healthy by virtue of being real, homemade food. My family has no special diets or restrictions, so there will be salads, and there will be cakes; there will be gluten, and there will be meat. What will always be true though is that the recipes call for ingredients that can be easily found in the Philippines and will be doable by a working mom. Given the age range of my kids and the differences in their tastes, if it's a hit on our table, I'll be sure to share it with you. I hope that my recipes will work for you, too. If you've made any of the recipes here and liked it, do share with me using the hashtag #pinayworkingmom.

In my Journal section, you'll find my posts about things that help moms juggle work and motherhood better. I'm not amazing at this, which is why I'm always looking for solutions that will help me; when I find good ones, I'll definitely share it with you. There will be how-to's, reviews, and activities for kids, mostly arts and crafts.

The Shop will contain unique finds, local products and delicious food items that we come across  in our travels, or in the course my endless prop-hunting. I love creating stuff with our daughters and every now and again, we will put some of their stuff up. Stay tuned and look out for the occasional freebies!

So, while I don't have the magic Super-Mom formula, I hope my stories can make you (and I!) feel that our daily challenges are not unique, but that there are solutions, and we can enjoy being working moms.

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you find my posts useful. If you leave your email in the subscribe box, I'll be sure to let you know when I've got new stuff up. Please leave your thoughts in the comments, it would be great to hear from you!

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